Pyre Storm

Honorable pegasus knight, of the Storm Family.


Pyre Storm


  • Hidden Blade
  • Storm Family Recon Armor


Pyre and his twin sister Star-Fall were born into a cartel like family, descended from a holy order of knights in the old days. At around ten years old he and his sister were kidnapped. He was brutally beaten, and his sister was raped. His family rescued them both, but not after the right side of Pyre’s body was burned away by a fire. His face is forever scarred from the experience.

Years later he joined the Equestrian Air Force, after passing Junior Speedsters Flight School, and getting a degree at the Air Force Academy. He worked in a bomb division, and rose to the officer rank of Captain before leaving the Air Force for Canterlot.

Love Interests


Pyre met Seasalt the day before the Changeling invasion of Canterlot, and being a nervous clutz around mares, was unable to really hit anything off. Eventually, he admitted his feelings and they came together.

Currently they live with the Maple Family, at their farm, after Pyre and Star’s house was destroyed in the invasion.


Currently he has nopony to hate, though he keeps an anger at the other Cartels that threaten his Family.

13 years into the future

The Gaean Invasion of Equestria.

Love Interests


Pyre and Seasalt have been together the 13 years, taking care of the Foal, Seaspark, that was born before their meeting, and had a Foal of their own; Moonwisp.

Seasalt lost the ability to use her hind legs, and Pyre tries his best to look out for her. Being a Seapony and Prench causes alot of ass hole racists to be afoot.


The Voice

Some strange voice tried to get Pyre to kill Seasalt, and is the reason her back legs have been disabled. He wants to hunt down and destroy the voice.

The Gaeans

The Gaeans invaded Equestia, killing his family, burning his house, and much other massed carnage. He hates them all for it.

Prince Blueblood

Pyre killed Blueblood after the prince kidnapped his wife and son, though still hates the Unicorn, even after his revenge.

Pyre Storm

Role Playing is Magic Amenti